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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  September 29, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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welcome to "the journal." coming up on the show, italy's government might face an early end after silvio berlusconi throws his ministers out of cabinet area the centralist coalition austria is nearly returned to our but support for the two parties dropped to a historic low. marathon, a kenyan sensate new world record. -- a kenyan set a new world record.
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>> is italy's government on the verge of collapse or is silvio berlusconi just bluffing? that's the question on many people's minds after he told many to resign after -- try to trigger a -- an election. but he appeared to backpedal after some were told to quit the cabinet. they will levy a new coalition government or fresh elections. ordinary italians are angry and confused. now and it will be even more so when they call new elections because we will be the ones paying for it. from our own pockets. >> i don't know what napolitano and will do, but i hope they find a new majority to govern. theewspaper headlines that lehmann one man -- silvio arliss
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cody. he faces exposed -- expulsion from the senate after his conviction was upheld. members threatened to quit once the process started. were aboutdemocrats forming a coalition from the start. the mass resignation does not surprise them. clear how this abdication of responsibility should be interpreted. once again, the interests of the country are being subverted by the interest of one man. i almost expected it, but i didn't think they would be so irresponsible. >> the short-lived coalition between berlusconi's party in the social democrats has been marked by disagreement. after months of wrangling, the prime minister says he will quit if he doesn't get the backing of the newnt next week.
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crisis will make it harder for italy to deal with its economic problems and enact much-needed reforms. the mistakes in this -- the stakes in this political game of chess are very high indeed. romeur correspondent is in . we hear that berlusconi is backpedaling a bit trade can you tell us more? >> the situation is quite confusing. on one hand, mr. berlusconi is saying he wants to press ahead for immediate elections, which his party would win. on the other, he has suggested they might give their support to essential legislation before parliament, giving a sign of of theibility in terms crises that face the country now. it's hard to tell which way they will go at the end of the day. this be the final act
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for berlusconi? been dismissedas numerous times in the past. is absolutely centerstage, which is where he likes to be. the magistrates seem to be closing in on him, and if he is expelled from the senate and not allowed to be a candidate, it is difficult to see how he can prolong his political career. but he has pulled off before. >> thank you for bringing us up- to-date. austria, where the countries to centrist parties have won just enough votes to maintain a ruling coalition. but support for but the social democrats and the conservative people's party have fallen. with the freedom party making large games. >> the social democrats created -- greeted the results with applause.
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their share has dropped but it should be enough to continue the coalition with the conservative austrian people's party. so they remain upbeat. >> this is a clear sign the social democrats are still number one. we therefore have the right to form a government. they ran a fantastic election campaign. >> the chancellor had every reason to go to the polls in a confident mood. escaped thehas crisis unscathed and the unemployment rate is among the lowest in the eu. but the lead for other parties have narrowed. the freedom party is protected -- is projected to come make close first. >> it is a success. we are the winners this evening and we delivered the unexpected. >> the other winners are funded by a billionaire businessman. with more than five percent of the vote, the skeptic party is
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set to enter parliament for the first time. it could prove a challenge for the grand coalition. >> british prime minister david cameron has called for radical changes to britain's tied with the european union. britain may leave the convention on human rights to make it easier to deport illegal immigrants and criminals traded he said such a move would be part of a renegotiation of the country's ties to europe in a lead of for a planned referendum in 2017 on whether to stay in the european union. the united states is running out of time to avoid a government shutdown. cover -- lawmakers have until the fiscal years end of midnight monday night to agree on a spending bill, but republicans and democrats are showing no signs of coming together. the republican-controlled house of representatives voted through an emergency budget bill early this morning but added a one- year delay on president obama's
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signature health care act. the senate controlled by democrats said they would reject the bill. hospitals versus a 40 people are dead after a gunman allegedly belonging to an islamist group attacked a college dormitory in nigeria. assaulty morning targeted in a cultural college in the northeastern state. have attacked civilian targets especially schools and universities in the area before trade thousands of people have been killed since they began rate -- since they began waging war in 2009. police have arrested another suspect over the nairobi mall attack. nine suspects are being held in .onnection with the raid al-shabaab militants from somalia have claimed responsibility for the attack peopleeft at least 67
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dead. >> hundreds of members of the asian muslim community in kenya formed a human chain outside the mall. there are member the victims with a minute of silence and prayers. it was a statement of rejection of the extremists. today to show solidarity with my kenyan brothers and sisters who lost their lives here at west gate. i am a muslim and before that i am a kenyan. lex shop owners and relatives of victims are registering for permission to recover belongings from the wall. >> 67 people died in the attack. the red cross says many are still missing. it's unclear how many hostages were in the hands of the militants during the siege and, he survived. the interior minister says ofay's arrest means a total
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nine people are in custody over the attack. kenyan police and foreign experts are still searching through the rubble in the westgate mall. >> china has launched what many consider a bold new experiment toward liberalizing its economy. the country has opened a free trade zone on the outskirts of shanghai where the government will allow for efficient into it the highly protected services sector. the pilot zone is being used as a testbed for letting market forces determine interest rates. both ares say essential to modernizing the country's economy. now and in today's action, the host served up the kind of goal-fest fans had become too accustomed to. they raced into a two to nothing lead but were outfought by a vastly improved nuremberg in the second half.
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in some they possibly kicked off, they lost for to know opening the scoring there. the newly promoting host remains without a win all season. while byron could only muster a one nil win, dortmund went rampant. robert scored a break. the visitors were finished off with a goal from the 79th minute. the weekend's complete results look like this -- sunday's games produced a ton of
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goals. hamburg rescued a point at frankfurt. crews one and on friday, it was dead even. let's see others scores affect the bundesliga table. stood guard's win puts them in the european place. the european drop takes them out of the bottom three against a -- although they are without a win the season. hamburg's new awesome has his work cut out for him despite deflecting a point in his first match in charge. two hours three minutes and 33 seconds is how fast the berlin marathon was run today, 15 seconds faster than anyone else ever. setting a new world record is pretty lucrative.
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he went to with 90,000 euros in prize money. >> 3, 2, 1. lex the four-time marathon champion fired the starting gun, sending 41,000 runners on their way. weather conditions were almost perfect with cool temperatures at the beginning. in the favorite made it known he was waiting for a new world record. he was part of a five runner pack leading the race. then he shot ahead, leaving behind the second-place arson from kenya. he blasted through the occasional headwind, completing the marathon in two hours, three minutes and 22 seconds. 15 seconds faster than the last world record. the fastest female runner was also from kenya trade she
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finished in two hours, 21 minutes. the new roadnd race world champion. the tour de france winner was just one of the favorite to failed to finish the race due to bad weather. >> it played havoc on the field. it does crash after crash in the early stages. course woundeter its way through the hills of tuscany through the hills of florence. things didn't get exciting until the final 16 kilometers with some of the top favorites already out of the race, it was down to two to fight it out.
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and the best legs over the final few meters. he won two stages of the tour de france and is the french portuguese world champion on the road. m rockefeller has clinched his first ever touring car masters title. a second place finish in the penultimate race was enough to seal the win. was rarelyller troubled. he secured the points he needed to claim the title. the flame has been lit for next year's winter olympics in sochi. actors used a special mirror to harness the mid-a son and light oh like the --
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flames. the winter games start on february 7. that's all for us here at "the journal." thank you for watching. >> the week began with a triumphant the polls for angela merkel and her christian democrats. the conservatives achieve the best results in nearly 20 years, coming in just short of an absolute majority. but the conservative junior coalition partner failed to even get into parliament. who do thestion was conservatives govern less? the social democrats for the greens? >> i stood in front of my wardrobe and thought i can't
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wear red orb right green, so what to do? merkel had already approached the social democrats. painful memories. felt they sold out their core convictions during that time and the 2000 election was a disaster for the party. so they would not rush into a coalition without careful consideration. the greens were plunged into crisis after their poor election showing. that its announced upcoming conference. the media speculated over a possible coalition, the greens and the left hardy.
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most expect angela merkel to remain chancellor. it's likely to be tough and link the. court in cairo issued a ban on the muslim brotherhood. judges ruled it pose a threat to national security. the court then the party from all activities and ordered its assets confiscated. egypt had an elect to government led by the muslim brotherhood and its president, mohamed morsi, but a new constitution aimed at strengthening islamic law triggered mass protest and they removed him from power. >> the new president of a rental the general assembly his country posed no threat to the world. he also said tehran is open to talks over its nuclear program.
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>> weapons of mass destruction have no place in a rent's defense policy. our national interest, we must remove all concerns about iran's nuclear program. >> a change in tone from iran, which led to bilateral talks between the u.s. secretary of state and his irradiance counterpart. the highest level meeting between the two sides in 30 years grade the iranian foreign minister met with all five permanent security council members, plus germany. resumeisters agreed to talks on iran's nuclear program in october. >> i think all of us were pleased that the foreign minister came and made a presentation to us which was very different in tone and very in the vision he held out with respect to the possibilities of the future.
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>> with the iranian economy under pressure from sanctions, their key -- they are keen to resolve the issues. the president spoke with barack obama, which was key to many iranians. >> a four-day hostage drama in the kenyan capital nairobi ended on tuesday. 67 people were killed. islamist militants from the somalian al-shabaab group stormed the upscale mall at the weekend, shooting at customers. the gunmen said they were only targeting non-muslims. >> he opened fire. they were shooting to kill. >> the militant group said its aim was to force the kenyan government to withdraw its soldiers from somalia. they are currently part of an african union force fighting al- shabaab grade but the kenyan government said it will not bow to the terrorist's demands.
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>> a typhoon caused massive destruction in southern asia this week. more than 70 people are dead. it was the worst typhoon to hit the south of china in 40 years. many areas were flooded and thousands of houses were destroyed. it also the philippines and vietnam. >> monday after a hurricane hit that -- an earthquake hit accident, the full scale is being seen. the 7.7 magnitude quake hit a remote region. mountainous terrain hampered there wereations. security matured -- security concerns. the military was among the first respond because it's fighting a insurgency in the region.
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the number ofoved things in the area. three army units have been. -- lex team usa pulled off a remarkable comeback this week to defend their title. after originally trailing new zealand eight 21, they finally sailed to victory on wednesday. the ultimate to have the greatest comeback in sports history. there's a lot about the team and character. the americans overtook the kiwis on the upland third leg of the race and never let back. crossing the finish line 44 seconds ahead of their rivals. for new bitter to feed zealand but observers agree it was the most exciting america's
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cup ever. >> on thursday, russia and the aited states agreed on resolution demanding the distraction of the syrian chemical weapons stockpiles, marking the end of a deadlock between the two sides. process our hope that toward the prevention of chemical weapons and its resolution can now move toward and give life to mildly to the removal and distraction of chemical weapons from syria. >> the resolution was adopted by -- un security council grade security council. it does not trigger military intervention or sanctions if damascus fails to comply. ,n a new television interview
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the syrian president, bashar al- with promise to cooperate the international community. this week's agreement between the russia and the u.s. has raised hopes progress can be made in syria at the diplomatic level, but for now the resolution changes nothing for ordinary southern -- ordinary syrians. >> the former liberian president, charles taylor, lost an appeal against his conviction for war crimes. the court upheld his 50 year prison sentence. the court said taylor plant and eight atrocities by rebels in the sierra leone civil war and in return for diamonds and political influence. both sides are accused of committing atrocities during the 11 year war in sierra leone. the international criminal court has rejected all of taylor's appeals. the five-year-old is set to spend the rest of his life the 65-year-old
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is set to spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> 30 activists from greenpeace were denied ale by a russian judge on thursday. the group faces possible charges of piracy after they tried to storm a remote oil rig in the arctic earlier this month. campaignersental say they were seeking to draw attention to the dangers of offshore drilling in the arctic. they were arrested by armed russian border guards. the group of activists includes europeans and americans. most of them are to be held in custody for two months, pending an official investigation. if the russian state files piracy charges, they face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. >> at the end of the week, jermaine's social democrats voted to hold preliminary talks with angela merkel's conservatives are forming a
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coalition government to the decision followed days of seemingly contradictory statements from senior members. vote, the party leader said the final decision would rest with the spd rank- and-file. wille coalition talks culminate in a ballot have our members and that will be binding. the goal is not to join a government at all cost, but we will not be scared of entering government either. we enter these talks with the message is clear -- either the coalition treaty contains key demands or the party will not approve it. coalition talks are set to begin shortly. climate express delivered a stark warning on friday, saying they are 95% certain global warming is being caused by human activity. the intergovernmental handle on
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climate change said the world is producing far too much greenhouse gas. could risesea levels 82 centimeters by the end of the century, wiping many islands and coastal areas off the map. berlin, german environment minister called for a new international treaty on climate change. experts say it is vital to limit global warming by the end of the century to two degrees celsius if the worst effects are to be avoided during that is considered impossible without a binding international treaty. >> jermaine's biggest club festival got underway in hamburg this week with 300 national and international bands. the festival staged in hamburg's notorious entertainment district is a key date for the music industry. this year saw many newcomers.
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with 70 different venues to choose from, the festival caters to almost every taste.
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